ATTAIN - Journey Planner

The ATTAIN Travel Information System is aiming at enhancing the value of the investment made in public transport infrastructure by Local Authorities and public transport providers through the provision of accurate and timely information about traveling options.

The system offers the widest possible access to information with several information delivery modes.

  • The SMS Text message mode offers the flexibility of access from any location
  • Users with Java-enabled mobile phones have the option to download an application that will allow them to download timetables onto their phone, keep them updated and access real-time bus information at any time via wireless GPRS
  • The web/wap mode offers the convenience of Internet browsing with graphics displays
  • The web-pages are compatible with both stationary and PDA computers.

The ATTAIN system is compatible with national standards on specification of public transport reference locations and it offers an added functionality of specifying places of interest, landmarks and indeed any road-names in a city as valid origin and destination points for the journey. By offering the flexibility of using road-names the ATTAIN system helps public transport users to explore the full range of traveling options without requiring to learn specific codes and/or names of valid destinations. In this way ATTAIN provides also a valuable aid to visitors to the city

ATTAIN - Car Park Information System

The ATTAIN Car Park Information System is a product designed to provide information about current and anticipated number of parking spaces available at city car parks. As a result, the system helps to save unnecessary car journeys in busy urban areas by re-directing drivers to parking locations that are likely to have spaces on arrival. The primarily mode of access to car park information is SMS Text messaging, which offers the flexibility of access from any location, but a web/wap mode of access is also available if needed.

ROAM - Real-time Transport Operations Monitoring System

Monitoring public transport vehicles in urban areas is a challenging task that is made easy and affordable with the ROAM system. Using the latest GPRS technology the ROAM system enables accurate monitoring of locations of publict transport vehicles without the need for expensive custom telecommunications.

VTRAM - Video Traffic Monitoring System

Closed-circuit television images provide an invaluable aid to traffic management operations. However, if the number of cameras is large it becomes difficult to analyse the image content on a continuous basis. The VTRAM system is designed to aid traffic operators by analysing the real-time video images and raising operator's attention only to anomalous situations on the road. The system also helps to implement the requirements of the Data Protection Act by if the traffic images are fed to web-sites for access by general public.